Welcome to our video library.  We have organized these videos in somewhat of a chronological order for your viewing enjoyment. We have searched the World Wide Web and found dozens and dozens of videos featuring the many life lessons given by the Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. From his first few seasons of Life is Worth Living in the 1950’s where he won an Emmy Award for “Most Outstanding Television Personality,” to The Fulton Sheen Program in the 1960’s, you will find hours and hours of the wit and wisdom of this pioneer in broadcasting. Also included in this video library, you will find a number of videos from various retreats and reflections given by Bishop Sheen on a variety of topics.

Bishop Sheen was featured on hundreds of television broadcasts.  Not every television show or retreat can be found on YouTube.   I recommend two trusted websites that have many of the harder to find audio and video recordings.

Hundreds of MP3 recordings from various retreats and television broadcasts.

Dozens of DVD’s and VHS copies of Bishop Sheen’s Life is Worth Living broadcasts.

Life is Worth Living – Season 1 (1952-53)

War as a Judgment of God

Science, Relativity, and the Atomic Bomb

How Mothers are Made

The Philosophy of Communism

Character Building

The Woman at the Well

Pain and Suffering

Communism in America

Life is Worth Living – Season 2 (1953-1954)

How to Talk

Inferiority Complex


Content with Sawdust Brains?

Nice People

The Philosophy of Communism

Women Who Do Not Fail



Life is Worth Living – Season 3 (1954-1955)

The Glory of a Soldier


The Meaning of Love



The Training of Children

The Russian People

Cure for Selfishness

Human Passions

The Greatest Trial in History

Life is Worth Living – Season 4 (1955-1956)

Meet the Perfect Stranger: Yourself


What Has Happened to Politeness

Then Anatomy of Melancholy

Is Capital Always Right? – Is Labor Always Right? 

The Glory of Science

Message to Youth


Why Do the Innocent Suffer?

Life is Worth Living -Season 5 (1956-1957)

The Man Who Knew Communism Best – Dostoevsky

Psychology and Psychiatry

Three Great Confessions of History

Why Students Are Dissatisfied with Their College Education

How to Psychoanalyze Yourself

Other Black and White Videos

How to Improve Your Mind


Marriage and Incompatibility

Men Who Go Down to the Sea in Ships



Superiority Complex

Symphony for the Mentaly Sick

The Divine Sense of Humour

The Psychoanalytic Couch

The Significance Of Being An American

The Signs of Our Times

Three Intimacies of Love

Bishop Sheen in Color  (1965 – 1968)

A Man Who Goes Down to the Sea in Ships

Amorization of Humanity

An Alcoholic Is Not a Pig


False Compassion

Good Friday


Have You Been Tempted Morally Lately?

Hope For a Wounded World

Identity Crisis

Ladies and Gentlemen

Love is a Garden

Mask But No Face

Patriotism (Quo Vadis America)

Short Trip And Long Pull

The Death of God

Superman & Christmas – The Cost to Kill a Man in War

The Clown is Right – Work and Play

The Touch of Your Hand

The 30th Parallel

The New Taboo

The Treasures of the Subconscious

There is Hope

We Are in Two Wars

What is Man

Bishop Sheen Family Retreat


Our Father

Old Pots

Youth and Sex


Our Cross



Three Kinds of Love

The Meaning of the Mass

Wasting Your Life

The Women I Love

Other Bishop Sheen Videos

Bishop Sheen on the Hour of Power (Crystal Cathedral)

His Last Words  – Spectators on and about the Cross. Good Friday Reflection

Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 25:35-40

Monsignor Fulton J. Sheen – The Catholic Hour Recordings

1942-3-1 “Peace: Spectators and Actors in the Drama of the Cross” (Audio)

1942-3-1 “Peace: Spectators and Actors in the Drama of the Cross” (Audio)

1942-3-8 “Peace: The Divine Cost of Stopping This War” (Audio)

1942-3-29 “Peace: Prayer in Wartime” (Audio)

1942-4-5 “Peace: The Crucifixion (Audio)

1942-4-12 “Peace: Resurrection” (Audio)

1943-1-3 “Crisis in Christendom: War & Revolution” (Audio)

1943-1-10 “Crisis in Christendom: Thing That We’re Fighting Against” (Audio)

1943-1-17 “Crisis in Christendom: Some Barnacles…Ship of Democracy (Audio)

1943-1-31 “Crisis in Christendom: The Christian Order” (Audio)