We are all students.  We attend classes while here on this earth.  Some lessons are painful, while others bring us joy.  Some of us our good learners, while some of us are hard headed and slow to learn.  No matter how old or how young you are Bishop Sheen helps us to make sense out of the many mysteries of life.

Below you will find access to a number of links to audio recordings available on the Internet.  For five years I have been privileged to host a number of radio programs in Canada featuring the works of Fulton J. Sheen.  I am known to thousands of people as “The Pipe Padre” on my weekly Bishop Sheen radio telecasts in Canada.  The Mix Cloud and Sound Cloud links found below have hundreds of archived Bishop Sheen shows for your listening enjoyment.

EWTN has worked tirelessly to have Bishop Sheen recordings shared on their television and radio network.  You will find a link to Bishop Sheen’s 50 part catechism series that you can download for free.

Our friends at www.fultonsheen.com have digitally re-mastered over two hundred quality audio recordings to help introduce Bishop Sheen to a new generation of listeners.  Here you will find some hard to find audio recordings of talks given by Bishop Sheen over a 30-year period.  We have included their website link to help you build your own personal Sheen library.  They developed the popular Bishop Sheen App that you can download to your I-Phone or Android device.  This way you can take Bishop Sheen with you where ever you go.